Is 50 Cent feuding with Eminem and Dr. Dre?

22 Sep

50 CentIt is obvious that 50 Cent is no longer the force that he once was within hip hop. When he was riding the wave of popularity early in his career, no one seemed to mind his outspoken comments and outrageous activities. He no longer has the popularity behind him, now Eminem and Dr. Dre are just as popular as he is, at this point.

There was a time that Eminem and Dr. Dre would have been all over 50 Cent’s music. Understandably, he was a new artist that was trying to get established, but most artists always keep that “family” theme. When 50 released Curtis, he was an established star and felt the need to work less with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

When Eminem made his 2009 comeback, he did another cameo-filled, celebrity diss record. The video for “We Made You” features members of Eminem’s D12, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent. More than anything, it featured more of D12 and Dr. Dre than it did 50 Cent. Actually, the camera was only shown twice in his direction.

50 Cent is also on the comeback trail. He is not having the success of Eminem, but he is working hard. Instead of pushing an album, 50 Cent has gone back to the mixtape scene. His recent song, “Flight 187,” gained popularity for what was perceived as a Jay-Z diss. While coming out to deny those rumors, 50 openly states that he did diss Dr. Dre.

His claim is that Dr. Dre will not mix his records. For years, rumors of 50 Cent and Dr. Dre have flooded hip hop gossip sites. Is it possible that these rumors do have some truth to them? Over the years, Eminem and Dr. Dre have maintained a close relationship with each other, no matter how big Eminem got.

Now that 50 Cent is an established artist, he almost has nothing to do with the men that made this possible. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Eminem won an award for Best Hip Hop Video. In his acceptance speech, he thanks his daughters, God, Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine. One name that was notably missing was 50 Cent.

In 2007, 50 expressed his displeasure with Interscope Records. Most of the artists signed to his G-Unit Records are signed with various independent labels. The next album from 50 Cent will be his last album in his current contract with Interscope.

Most of the artists on G-Unit Records no longer work with Eminem, Dr. Dre, or their associates. Add to that the fact that Eminem is preparing to perform on-stage with G-Unit nemesis, Ja Rule, at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit regime may be ending.

Every powerhouse ends in some way. Most of the time it ends the way it looks like things are going down here. 50 Cent is rumored to sign with a new label once his deal with Interscope Records is done.

2 Responses to “Is 50 Cent feuding with Eminem and Dr. Dre?”

  1. Rob May 8, 2010 at 9:23 pm #

    I dont think any of them are fueding


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