Eminem will be more lyrical on “Relapse 2”

22 Sep

EminemDuring his time in the game, Eminem has been hailed as one of the most skilled lyricists in the industry. He has a unique rhyming ability and odd stories to tell.

His first two albums were full of music that consisted of this. As time has gone on, Eminem has found his niche in making fun of celebrities of the time. Still, there is at least one song on each of his albums that feature those types of songs.

Hardcore fans of Eminem that followed him before he signed with Interscope Records have been hoping that he would return to the raw style that got him signed in the first place. G-Unit DJ, DJ Whoo Kid, has been working with Eminem on his seventh album, Relapse 2.

According to Whoo Kid, Relapse 2 is a return to that “old Eminem.” His raw style is what got him in the game. He has stayed on top because of his songs like “Without Me” and “We Made You.” This album is likely to be more like his earlier work.

This means that Relapse 2 is likely to receive major protests from many civil groups. The album still has no set release date, but it will be coming in November 2009.

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