DJ Khaled is keeping the South Alive, New Album on the Way

22 Sep

DJ KhaledFor a few years now, the South has been falling off. If it were not for DJ Khaled, there would be no Southern hip hop. His 2007 emergence has done more than a lot of people give it credit for. Some forget that he has re-started Def Jam South and it has a stable of talent under it.

Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Lil’ Scrappy, Slim Thug, Three Six Mafia, these were the rappers that were carrying Southern rap before DJ Khaled emerged. All of those rappers had great starts, but they seemingly fizzled out after their debut albums.

Since DJ Khaled has emerged as a force in this game, he has teamed up with the mainstream Southern rappers, Lil Wayne and T.I., to introduce an entirely new crew of rappers from the south. Khaled has ushered in such new rappers as Rick Ross, Plies, and Ace Hood.

These three rappers are viewed as the future of Southern hip hop. Outside of Lil Wayne and T.I., arguably Ludacris, there is no one from the South that is making moves outside of those that are associated with DJ Khaled. Some may have started independent, but Khaled has helped them in some way.

Imagine what the South would be like if there was no DJ Khaled holding things together. It would be a bunch of one-hit-wonders hoping for their next fifteen minutes.

Khaled has an album that will be released on October 13, 2009 on E1 Music. The album is to be titled Live From the 305 and will feature appearances from Trina, Rick Ross, Pitbull, and Trick Daddy.

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