Lloyd and Lil Wayne Unite Once Again

21 Sep

Lloyd & WayneDating back to his debut album, Lloyd has always featured a track with Lil Wayne. For his 2007 album, Street Love, the first single, “You,” featured Lil Wayne. “You” went on to become the biggest single in Lloyd’s career and it was the beginning of something great for Lil Wayne.

For his 2008 album, Lessons in Love, the first single, “Girls Around the World,” featured Lil Wayne. No longer just another rapper, Lil Wayne was now rap’s biggest star. He had talked about his chemistry with Lloyd and mentioned that they may record an entire album, The Best of Young Worlds, together.

Lloyd stated that his key to success with Lil Wayne is the fact that they maintain a professional relationship, only. His connection with Wayne stemmed from his connection with Murder Inc. Records. Lloyd is no longer with the label, but Lil Wayne is still working with him.

Lloyd hopes to release his fourth album before the end of this year. In typical Lloyd fashion, he has recruited Lil Wayne for his lead single, “Pusha.”

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