Is it Time for 50 Cent Reinvent Himself?

21 Sep

50 CentEvery five years or so, rappers seem to lose their edge. The things that made them such big artists on the come up are what is turning all of their original fans against them. Fans are moved very easily, their taste varies each time the wind blows.

50 Cent knows this better than anyone. He came into rap at a time when Ja Rule and Murder Inc. Records had taken over the hip hop scene with their pop-rap ballads. Being the underdog, 50 Cent took the label on and surprisingly won. His hardcore lyrics were exactly what the fans wanted.

Just like that, 50 Cent was the man in rap music. In his corner was Dr. Dre and Eminem, he could do no wrong. During the promotion of his second album, Ja Rule made a comeback and 50 was bombarded with disses from Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and The Game. Even though 50 still made hits, his career was wounded from this onslaught.

His 2007 release, Curtis, suffered from an increasing backlash and the album barely went platinum. His planned 2008 album, Before I Self Destruct, has yet to catch on with fans as 2010 looms closer by the day. No longer is 50 Cent the fixture of rap music. He is trying to change it up, but he keeps giving fans that same “I’ll bust your head” song.

What separates 50 Cent from artists like Jay-Z is the fact that Jay has reinvented himself ten times over. He still maintains the same overall style as a growing man. Jay began as a drug dealer just finding success and he is now no longer in drugs, but wealthy sitting on top of the game.

50 Cent came in as a tough thug that survived a near-death experience. The problem is, he has yet to change his style up. Still waiting on his fourth album to be released, 50 Cent has to come up with something different, or he will see his album sales continue to decrease.

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