Caddillac Tah was mistreated by Irv Gotti

21 Sep

Caddillac TahRecently, some secrets about the demise of Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. have been revealed. When Lloyd officially left the former powerhouse label, Caddillac Tah spoke out in support of the singer, stating that he felt the same way about Gotti.

While Caddy insisted that he holds no ill-will for Irv Gotti, he realized that Irv was not a real friend, just a business acquaintance. He said that when he first joined Murder Inc., he felt as if Irv Gotti was truly his friend. Once Ja Rule hit it big and the label blew up, it was supposed to be his time to shine.

Out of greed, Irv Gotti and the Def Jam executives decided to keep Caddy on the back-burner, while Ja Rule mastered the rap game. In 2001, Tah’s debut album was supposed to be released. The reason it was not was because of Irv Gotti and Lyor Cohen, according to the rapper.

Some hip hop fans wondered why Murder Inc.’s support was so low during their feud with 50 Cent and his squad. Caddillac Tah has given a little insight on why the backlash was so hard. He said that Irv Gotti had become a bully within the hip hop game. He said that Just Blaze wanted both he and Black Child to record a song for NBA Live, but Irv Gotti turned him down for no reason.

Because of the way that Irv Gotti treated Just Blaze, he remained silent while 50 Cent ended Murder Inc.’s run. While most credit 50 Cent for the end of Murder Inc.’s run, Caddillac Tah credits Murder Inc. to their own demise. He said that Gotti’s head just got too big to maintain and it was nothing but karma.

Caddillac Tah said that despite the way he was treated, he stayed loyal with the label. Even through the trials, he was there, supporting his people. He even signed the deal with Universal Records, which has since been dissolved. Tah even laughed at the law suit from TVT Records on Murder Inc./Def Jam in 2001. He blames his failure to launch on greed and a lack of promotion.

Tah’s debut album was supposed to be released in 2001. He felt that everything was in place and an album was all that he was missing. Irv Gotti and Lyor Cohen, however, felt that his buzz was not big enough. At the rate he was going, his album would not do much better than gold. For a debut album, gold is great, but Murder Inc. makes platinum music.

He was supposed to be the voice of the streets from Murder Inc., while Ja Rule handled the mainstream. When he came in to record his album, the label gave him nothing but tracks that were left off of albums from Nas and Ja Rule. This left Tah a little slighted.

After spending all of this time with Murder Inc., Caddillac Tah has revealed that he is no longer on the label. He is an independent artist on an independent label. He maintains a great relationship with Ja Rule. Tah frequently stated that if Ja had been in charge, things would not have ended the way that they did. He spoke of Irv Gotti in a different light, but wished him the best of luck.

Caddillac Tah mentioned that outside of Ja Rule, he has great relationships with Jadakiss and many other members of the Ruff Ryders.

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