Sheek Louch talks Joe Budden’s Internet Activities

20 Sep

Sheek LouchJoe Budden discovered vlogging, obviously. He has realized the power of internet marketing, but his internet activities seem to cause more trouble than it does actual good. Earlier this year, Budden’s constant trash talking led to a feud with Method Man and Busta Rhymes.

Budden, like many other rappers has taken to the internet to build up an audience. It is just the way that he has done it that has caused so much trouble. Rappers like N.O.R.E. and 50 Cent have created their own websites; Budden has created a troublesome blog.

The internet is a great marketing tool that has revived the career of N.O.R.E. and is probably the only reason that 50 Cent’s name is still in the public eye. For every rapper that decides to move into the internet and other technology, there are those traditionalists.

It is safe to say that Sheek Louch is a traditionalist. He does not believe in hardcore rappers doing YouTube. He makes a strong point, but he is also missing out on record sales. Recently, Louch was asked about Joe Budden and his internet marketing. Sheek responded, “that stuff is cool, now, but you will eventually run into these people.”

Sheek Louch made a great point, talking behind someone’s back is one thing, and running into them face-to-face is another thing. Sheek may be missing out on a new audience, but he is not running off at the mouth in front of the entire hip hop world, as Budden has been.

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