Memphis Bleek talks New Album, Kanye, The Game, and Jim Jones

20 Sep

Memphis BleekWith the recent comeback of Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek has been busy giving his former boss all of the props. Memphis Bleek was the right hand man of Jay during his peak popularity in the late 1990s, however, when the new millennium came; Bleek seemed to be left out in the cold.

Memphis Bleek was supposed to step right into Jay-Z’s shoes after his “retirement” with The Black Album. Jay-Z was replaced as the star of Roc-A-Fella, but it was not by Bleek. Instead, the label’s in-house producer, Kanye West, became the new star of the label.

Ever since the rise of Kanye West, many have accused Memphis Bleek of being jealous of West. Also, many think that the two are feuding with each other. Memphis Bleek has come out to refute all of these charges. Bleek insists that he and Kanye are family; he even goes on to say that he can get a beat from him at the snap of a finger.

When talking about Kanye, Bleek said that he would not mess with him because West can not only rap, he also produces. He has too many ways to get him. Memphis Bleek was not hard on Kanye West, but for The Game and Jim Jones, he had some harsher words.

Memphis Bleek has been engaged in a feud with The Game ever since 2002. Their feud rises from the name of Bleek’s label, Get Low Records and The Game’s former label, Get Low Recordz. Numerous tracks have been exchanged between the two rappers and Jay-Z was brought into the crossfire.

This past summer, The Game has gone in on Jay-Z as hard as he knows how. Many expected Bleek to step into the feud, but he did not. He said the reason that he has never jumped back into The Game feud is because The Game changes his mind too much. Bleek stated that one minute Game is cool, and then he is out talking trash again.

Memphis Bleek also briefly talked about his days with Roc-A-Fella Records. He mentioned that he began rapping only to impress the ladies, but a friend heard him rapping and told someone with a connection to Jay-Z, who was working on an album to be called Reasonable Doubt. After the album was a success, Bleek admitted to going Hollywood and that was the reason he was not on Vol. 1.

He also talked about Jim Jones. Bleek said that the reason that Jim hardly ever gets a response from the crew is because he is lame and does not realize it. Memphis Bleek said that Jay-Z has found his stride again, while Jim Jones now finds himself with a diminishing fan base. Bleek also taunted Jim Jones’ age claiming that Jay-Z is not that much older than Jones.

For his new album, Bleek said that this album might be the one to finally make him one of hip hop’s elite. Everything is in place for Memphis Bleek to take over, he has his own label with artists on it, he has his own deal, and he has a new album on the way.

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