Can Mims get a Fresh Start with a New Label?

20 Sep

MimsAfter being two albums deep with a third in the works, Mims is still probably best-known for his debut single, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” It was his first song and it rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Initially, the song was praised, but it was later panned for a lack of lyrical effort.

Mims’ debut album, Music Is My Savior, also spawned another hit, “Like This.” The song was a top 40 hit, but Mims was still labeled as a one hit wonder. In the end, his debut album sold 300,000 copies and “This Is Why I’m Hot” sold many ringtones. After a year-long tour, Mims began working on his sophomore release, Guilt.

While doing interviews in preparation for the new album, Mims expressed his excitement. He frequently stated that Capitol Records was behind him completely and that this was the first album that he actually worked on with the label. Mims said that he recorded his first one independently and handed it in to Capitol.

His lead single, “Move (If You Wanna),” was a minor hit, but did well in urban radio. The song was not promoted as much as other music of the time, nor was the album. In December, a second single, “Love Rollercoaster,” with LeToya Luckett was released to radio, but also suffered from a lack of promotion.

When Guilt was released, it was released on the same day as Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss. Jadakiss frequently stated that Mims was going to outsell him because he was supposed to. Had Capitol Records been thinking, they would have pushed a SoundScan battle with Jadakiss. Being on a label like Def Jam, Jadakiss’ people would have not minded it one bit.

Had Mims and Jadakiss gotten involved in a SoundScan battle, it would have helped Mims’ album sales and raise his profile. Capitol Records did nothing and Jadakiss badly outsold Mims. His album only sold 16,000 copies in its first week and 20,000 copies to date. With no promotion, Mims was upset with the label and he now wants out.

With a third album in the works, Mims is recording it alone, the same way that he did for his first album. He has said that this new album will be released in December; this may be him shopping his skills to another label, or the last album in his contract with Capitol.

Honestly, Mims is not as bad as people make him out to be. He is actually a good rapper; the problem is he always picks the wrong singles to release to radio. If Mims is able to sign with another label, they may be able to help him pick better singles, which would lead to better album sales.

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