Kid Cudi expresses need for Hip Hop Unity

19 Sep

Kid CudiKid Cudi misses the old days of hip hop. Recently, he discussed the old days of hip hop when crews were not going around disrespecting each other.

He referred to the days of Kid N Play, Queen Latifah, and LL Cool J. Despite those artists being from different crews, they all maintained a certain level of respect for each other and they were all friends.

Somewhere between that era and the mid-1990s, that unity theme was lost in hip hop. Most crews even had in-house fights that led to seperation. At one time, Jay-Z and DMX were a part of the same crew, but now DMX is around saying that Jay has no heart.

Kid Cudi is an extended member of Jay-Z’s crew through Kanye West and his GOOD Music label. He hopes to reach out to artists of other crews. Drake is the only other new artist with a fan base to rival that of Kid Cudi’s.

Drake is an artist on Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Though, Kanye West and Lil Wayne maintain a professional relationship and they are frequent collaborators, they belong to different crews. Kid Cudi understands this and he wants to still unite with Drake on a track for his 2010 debut album.

When asked about Drake, Kid Cudi said that they “definitely have something in the works.” Honestly, Kid Cudi has the right idea because rap has become more like the WWE than an art form.

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