Jay-Z’s winning streak Continues

16 Sep

Jay-ZJay-Z is now eleven albums deep in rap music. Usually, most artists do not even make it past their third album. While others do, they see their popularity fade.

It is safe to say that Jay-Z is not one of those artists. Jay-Z debuted during the summer of 1996 with Reasonable Doubt and he has not looked back since. He has gone from running his own label to even Def Jam at one point. Jay has lived the life of many in his own one lifetime.

Jay-Z’s first eight albums debuted at number one, selling well. In 2006, his comeback ninth album, Kingdome Come, debuted at number one, selling nearly 700,000 copies. That was his highest-selling first week ever, but the album was not hitting on much.

Being the artist that he is, Jay-Z was granted a second chance. That redeeming second chance was American Gangster. The album was considered to be one of the best in his long discography. His latest release, The Blueprint 3, has officially cemented Jay-Z’s legacy if there was any previous doubt.

Aside from this album being hailed as the best album of the year, it has become his eleventh consecutive album to debut on top of the Billboard charts. So, for those keeping count, Jay-Z’s streak is up to eleven, bringing his record to 11-0.

There has never been any artist in history to accomplish this feat. His last album tied The Beatles and this album just beat them. He has conquered the world of hip hop, so now, Jay-Z will enjoy his reign.

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