Will Omarion sign with Murder Inc.?

15 Sep

OmarionAt the turn of the decade, Omarion was one of teen R&B’s biggest stars. His claim to fame is being the frontman of former teen band, B2K.

He was so popular that he tried his hand at acting and even rapping. After B2K broke up, Omarion was a solo act. His first album was a success, spawning the hit single, “O.”

On the heels of his first album, he released his second album. While, it wasn’t too much of a commercial success, it did spawn the hit single, “Ice Box.” After that single, Omarion’s solo career began sinking at a fast rate.

However, in 2007, he did make a slight comeback with his Bow Wow-assisted album, Face Off. The album had some popular singles and sold moderately well. But, after Omarion and Bow Wow went their seperate ways, O’s career continued the downslide.

Omarion had left his label, Sony, and signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money. But, after only being with the label for weeks, he suddenly left the label. Now, Omarion is a free agent, once again.

Murder Inc. has been in a limbo with Lloyd, their R&B star, for some time now. But, Lloyd has officially left Murder Inc. and the label is now in search of a new R&B star. Is is possible that Irv Gotti may recruit Omarion to fill the void of Lloyd.

As marketable of a star that Lloyd is, Omarion is still more marketable and is a bigger star. Omarion and Murder Inc., is there a marriage in the works?

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