Rick Ross takes on Floyd Mayweather in New Song

15 Sep

Rick RossFor some time now, Rick Ross has been involved in a feud with 50 Cent. For the most part, the feud has stayed between the two rappers, all associated acts were left out.

At one point, Rick Ross did recruit some of 50 Cent’s best-known enemies to record the hard-hitting “Mafia Music (remix).” The song is what gave Ross the attention that he still holds.

A longtime associate of 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, has spoken on Rick Ross in an unflattering light a few times. Ross initially sent an indirect diss to Mayweather on the original version of “Mafia Music.” Mayweather responded that he did not have to respond because his nickname is original, unlike that of Ross.

Now, Rick Ross has decided to respond to the negative comments made by Floyd Mayweather in a new diss record. On the song, Ross mentions Mayweather’s mother, stating that he is “riding by his mother’s house.” Ross also taunts the boxer for getting robbed and for his debt issues. Aside from that, he also mentions that Hatians are after Floyd.

This feud is a little more serious than Rick Ross’ issue with 50 Cent. This is going a whole lot further than a feud with another rapper, seeing how Mayweather is a boxer and Ross is making some serious threats. Lets hope that Rick Ross’ threats are empty.

Hip hop has lost enough.

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