Fabolous has become an E-thug

15 Sep

FabolousA few weeks ago, Fabolous mentioned how he likes to stay out of rap beef. As of late, though, Fabolous has been sticking his nose into a lot of issues.

Last week, T-Pain took it upon himself to disrespect Jay-Z at one of his shows. In attendance was Fabolous, he is a friend of both T-Pain and Jay-Z. A true friend would have talked to T-Pain in private, letting him know how he felt and then talking to Jay-Z in private. Fabolous could have ended the feud before it even started, but instead he went to his Twitter account.

In his Twitter post, he pretty much took Jay-Z’s side, completely. But, T-Pain is also his friend. The next day, someone created an account under Pain’s name to only diss Fabolous and Jay-Z. Instead of checking the validity of the account, Fabolous took to his Twitter and aired out T-Pain.

Towards the end of his rant, he realizes that the account was fake. Instead of deleting the post, entirely, he decided to post it anyway. If he is such a great friend and he hates rap beef, why was he so ready to go in on T-Pain. He even allowed the post to serve as a warning.

Aside from the Kanye West drama at the VMAs, Lil’ Mama crashed Jay-Z’s performance of “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys. This is a situation where only Lil’ Mama, Jay-Z, and Alicia Keys were involved. Somehow, Fabolous took it upon himself to bring Maia Campbell into his rant against Lil’ Mama.

It is understandable that he is close to Jay-Z, but what did T-Pain do to him? What did Lil’ Mama do to him? What did Maia Campbell do to him? Fabolous’ publicists need to take Fabolous away from his Twitter because he is going to post something that he cannot take back one day.

The exact same thing that Fabolous said he hates, only weeks ago, is exactly what he is becoming. Fabolous is a big-mouthed cyberbully that hides behind his computer screen. It is sad to say, but Fabolous has become an e-thug.

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