Kanye West does it Again

14 Sep

Kanye WestKanye West has made a name for himself for doing outrageous things in his career. Usually, he makes a bold comment or a fashion statement.

Mainly, Kanye is known for his issues with the MTV Video Music Awards. In 2007, West felt that the awards ceremony had treated him unfairly and he promised to never return to MTV after the incident.

Eventually, the network convinced him to return to participating in network activities and he performed during the 2008 VMAs. By 2009, all was good between Kanye West and MTV, he was at home once again.

One of the most culturally influential videos in the past few months has been Beyonce and her “Single Ladies.” Over the summer of 2009, however, Taylor Swift has also become a star with popular videos. As a result, a showdown took place between the two parties over the “Best Female Video” award.

For his entire career, Kanye West has been mentored by Jay-Z, Beyonce’s husband. As a result, Kanye has a close relationship with Beyonce. When she lost the award to Taylor Swift, he took it upon himself to say that he felt that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time and that she deserved the award.

After that, Kanye West was escorted out of the building and Beyonce welcomed Taylor Swift on stage during her performance. Kanye West made an apology on his blog, but he refuses to make a public apology.

Pushing the envelope and being outspoken is one thing, but Kanye West was downright rude. He was not the only one that felt that Beyonce was deserving, but that was Swift’s time to celebrate her victory. He should have expressed his feelings through his blog, so he definitely needs to publicly apologize.

Kanye West would not appreciate someone interrupting his acceptance of an award, so he should not interrupt anyone else’s.

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