Is Rick Ross the new King of the South?

14 Sep

Rick RossThe phrase, “king of the South,” was coined by T.I., who declared that was who he was. When he first made this bold statement, he was questioned by his detractors, Ludacris and Lil’ Flip.

Over time, T.I.’s music became more consistent and he truly became the “king of the South.” By 2007, most music from the South that was on the radio came from T.I., but like every artist, T.I. has peaked and has been slipping.

With his recent one year prison sentence, he will be out of commission for one year, his music has already vanished from radio, but the South still has major buzz. A few years ago, Atlanta was the mecca of Southern hip hop, but South Florida has been making its case more and more for some time now.

Arguably, the leader of this new Southern Florida movement is Rick Ross. Ever since he first debuted into rap in 2006, he has consistently made hit songs. His first single, “Hustlin,'” became his first hit and ever since that time, Ross returns every year with a hit single and a new album.

Outside of T.I., there is not any other rapper from the South that is doing this. T.I. is going to be away from the music scene with a planned return for 2010, but the way the music industry is, that return may be postponed until 2011.

Is Rick Ross the new king of the South?

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