Will LL Cool J return to Rap?

13 Sep

LL Cool JSome credit LL Cool J for bringing rap into the mainstream. Without LL there paving the way, Ice Cube would not have been able to take over Hollywood the way that he has and Fabolous would not maintain the level of street cred that he does and make the kind of music that he does.

Early in his career, LL Cool J revolutionized rap. Throughout his career, he proved that there is longevity in rap. He built Def Jam into a contender and released all of his albums on the label from 1985 until 2008.

Despite being a charter member of Def Jam, things went sour for LL Cool J at the label. His album, Exit 13, was pushed back over the span of two years. When Exit 13 was finally released, it was announced as his final album with Def Jam.

Initially, LL Cool J was thought to sign with another label, but it seems as if he has left rap music, entirely. Since the album’s release, LL seems to be more and more involved in movies and television. He is even starring in a CBS drama, which is more demanding than his sitcom was over a decade ago.

A few days ago, his NCIS-themed song, “No Crew Is Superior,” leaked and it may inspire an album, which means a return to rap from LL Cool J.

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