Lloyd is officially off of Murder Inc.

13 Sep

LloydFor a few years, now Lloyd has been the biggest act on Murder Inc. Records. Because of that Irv Gotti has done everything in his power to keep him on Murder Inc.

Lloyd is also one of R&B’s biggest stars and the stigma of being involved with Murder Inc. can be restraining at times. The label is mainly a rap label, so doing R&B is a stretch.

This is something that Lloyd realized a few years ago, when he tried to leave the label. He asked to be released from Murder Inc., but Irv Gotti refused to. After staying with Murder Inc., Lloyd became an R&B star and the biggest artist on Murder Inc.

Within a year of his sophomore album, Street Love, Lloyd was already back with another album and a hit single. While his singles were gaining significant airplay, his albums were failing to make marks.

So, with no album planned, Lloyd announced that he was off of Murder Inc. Irv Gotti came days later, telling various hip hop sites that he was still with the label. Also, new label act, Newz said that not only was Lloyd still with the label, but Ashanti was, too.

Just today, Caddillac Tah was out making rounds with the hip hop sites. He announced that Lloyd was off of Murder Inc. and he was proud of Lloyd for not making bigger news of it than he did. Tah said that he understood where Lloyd was coming from and that it was best for him to leave the label.

So, Lloyd is gone, it may have been a great move for him, but what about Murder Inc.?

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