Will Mase Return to Bad Boy?

12 Sep

MaseMase first debuted on the hip hop scene in 1997. He was riding the wave of The Notorious B.I.G. and the many R&B acts of Bad Boy Entertainment.

Early in 1997, when The Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot, it was up to Mase to become the label’s new flagship artist. In late 1997, he released his debut album, Harlem World.

He quickly became rap’s biggest star, as he made music for the pop charts and for the hardcore hip hop fans. His debut album featured tracks with 112, while other tracks featured the Ruff Ryders. His debut album eventually went quadruple platinum.

While promoting his second album, Double Up, Mase decided to retire from rapping because he was now saved. Mase departed from Harlem to start a church in Atlanta. For five years, he was a devoted, young pastor, with a large following.

During his time away from rap, rumors surfaced that Mase was forced out of Harlem by Wu-Tang rapper, Ghostface Killah. In 2004, Mase returned, first on the remix of Fat Joe’s #1 hit, “Lean Back (remix),” then with his own album, Welcome Back.

While Mase returned as a “clean” rapper, he did address the rumors. He was still with Bad Boy, but he was obviously unhappy. He stated that he would never get on stage with P. Diddy until he was also saved, so they were never on stage together.

Despite making those bold statements, in 2005, Mase appeared in 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper” video. In addition, he also was featured on 50 Cent’s Get Rich or die Tryin’ soundtrack. He also began doing work on G-Unit’s mixtapes and he was rumored to have joined the group.

The pastor was so caught up in the “gangsta” image, he decided to call out his former collaborator, Loon, along with Fabolous. While Loon was a bit passive, Fabolous was ready to officially end Mase’s career. In 2008, Mase ended his feud with Fab.

He also ended his feud with Cam’ron earlier this year and his former G-Unit cohort, Tony Yayo, applauded him. It has been five years since Mase’s return after a five year absence. Over that time, he has done a lot of growing up and he has been talking with Diddy.

According to Diddy, Mase may be returning to Bad Boy Records, the label that made him a star.

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