Fabolous apologizes to T-Pain

10 Sep

FabolousRecently, Fabolous witnessed two of his friends engage in a feud. He was at a concert with his longtime friend, T-Pain, when the previously mentioned artist went on stage and dissed Fab’s other friend, Jay-Z.

Fabolous broke the news through his Twitter account. He made it clear that he was against T-Pain’s comments. The comments stemmed from Jay-Z’s song, “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune).”

After Fabolous broke the news and let it be known how he felt, T-Pain seemingly responded to Fab and dissed Jay-Z again. There were a Twitter post that was supposedly T-Pain’s that said “f*ck Fabolous, f*ck Jay-Z.” After catching wind of this, Fabolous sounded off on T-Pain, dissing his style and sending physical threats.

Towards the end of his Twitter rant, Fabolous realized that the account was a hoax and he left that message as a warning to T-Pain if he ever tries to diss him. Just today, T-Pain apologized for his comments towards Jay-Z and Fabolous has spoken with T-Pain over the phone.

Both Fabolous and T-Pain have talked about the very breif feud and both apologized. Fabolous has admitted that it is a stupid move and he has talked with T-Pain over the phone. The two remain friends and another collaboration between the two artists is not impossible.

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