T-Pain Retracts Jay-Z Diss

9 Sep

T-PainFor some reason, T-Pain was in a touchy mood a few days ago. He was at a concert performance screaming to the crowd some derogatory words about Jay-Z. Rapper, Fabolous broke the news.

T-Pain’s friction came from Jay-Z’s hit single, “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune).” From the beginning, Jay-Z made it clear that the song was not a diss towards T-Pain. When asked about the diss from T-Pain, Jay-Z said that he made it clear that the song was not aimed at him.

Also, Fabolous, made it clear via his Twitter that he did not agree with what T-Pain was saying. Just yesterday, rumors of T-Pain dissing Fabolous through Twitter broke. Fab hit the Twitter and sounded off on T-Pain, only to realize that it was a fake account using T-Pain’s name. As a result, Fabolous rescinded his diss towards his former collaborator.

It could have been Jay-Z’s response of Fabolous’ threat, but T-Pain has had a change of heart and is asking for Jay-Z’s forgiveness. Sometimes, things can be blown out of proportion and things become unforgivable. The wait is officially on to see the two officially put this to rest.

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