Soulja Boy wants Jay-Z and Eminem to go “The DeAndre Way”

9 Sep

Soulja BoySoulja Boy has finally become a well-respected member of hip hop after receiving nothing but hate when he first debuted. Soulja Boy has plans of stepping up his lyrical ammo on his next album.

For this album, the teen rapper wants to link with some of hip hop’s elite. He has said that he has been contacted by Young Jeezy and he has a commitment from Kanye West. Now, Soulja Boy wants to bring in the legends.

When asked about his upcoming third album, The DeAndre Way, Soulja Boy stated that he wants to get both Jay-Z and Eminem on the album. There was a rumored feud between Soulja Boy and Em, but those rumors were killed when 50 Cent said that Eminem was a big fan of Soulja Boy.

Jay-Z was initially rumored to be working with Soulja Boy on the album, but apparently those were just rumors. Well, it is obvious that Soulja Boy wants them both on his upcoming album, The DeAndre Way.

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