Fabolous takes on T-Pain

9 Sep

FabolousUsually, Fabolous tries to stay away from feuding within hip hop. It was just last month that he was discussing how he stays away from beef.

At the same time, Fabolous is not someone that you can just push around, either. He has feuded in the past with the likes of Mase. Throughout his career, Fab has always maintained a relationship with Jay-Z.

On his recent album, Loso’s Way, Jay-Z even gave him one of his unused tracks. Fabolous has a lot of respect for Jay-Z and owes a lot of his success to Hov. At the same time, Fabolous has worked with T-Pain and they had planned to work together again.

With the recent T-Pain assault on Jay-Z, Fabolous came out and said that he was against it. He was at the show and was the first one to break the news via Twitter. It seems that T-Pain was also upset by Fab’s comments and he has had some choice words about his former “Baby Don’t Go” collaborator.

Fabolous has posted a rant, again via Twitter. In this rant, Fab threatens physical violence against the singer. It turned out that Pain’s rant was just a false Twitter account, but the words have been written and Fabolous said that can serve as a warning if T-Pain wants to take it there.

This is just a little bit too much over one song that stated one opinion, that is what the true meaning of hip hop is.

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