According to Jaz-O, Fans are tricked into liking Lil Wayne

9 Sep

Jaz-OFor almost three years, Lil Wayne has been on a tear. He is easily rap’s biggest star. Almost every song that he releases becomes a hit and every collaboration that he makes gives the other artist buzz.

With all of that success, someone is bound to discuss it. This time it just happens to be Jaz-O. Recently Big Jaz was discussing why Jay-Z fell from the top. He said that Jay-Z “fell off a cliff.” He went on to say that most rappers have writers and that Lil Wayne has writers.

Jaz-O said that everybody likes Wayne and he would, too if he listened to mainstream radio all of the time. His reason for saying that is because mainstream radio plays nothing but Lil Wayne’s music. Jaz said that people are always defending Lil Wayne against the “wack” title because they have been hypnotized because he did not always get this airplay or support earlier in his career.

He said that Lil Wayne has always had the same financial backing, but one hit put him over the top. Jaz-O concluded by saying that he liked the older Lil Wayne music that most refer to as “wack” and that music was better. His reason for saying that was because Wayne was not getting much airplay back then.

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