Tony Yayo says G-Unit is still Going Strong despite Rumors

8 Sep

Tony YayoRap duo, M.O.P. joined G-Unit a few years ago. Despite joining the label right after its peak, in 2005, they did not have the success of other G-Unit Records’ acts.

Since leaving the label earlier this year, the group’s leader, Billy Danze, credited their lack of promotion to the situation of the label. He said that the problem with both G-Unit and Roc-A-Fella was that they signed there when both labels were going broke.

As one of G-Unit Records’ inaugural members, Tony Yayo has come out to refute these comments. He said that he still owns multiple cars, maintains two houses, and still has his money. Yayo also said that 50 Cent’s fortune is still in-tact.

Yayo also went on to say that the group had the most mainstream attention in their careers with the label. While a part of G-Unit Records, M.O.P. made appearances on both BET and MTV. Those are both appearances that they could not have made on their own according to Tony Yayo.

While Tony Yayo insists that the label is not falling apart, in the last two years, G-Unit has parted ways with Olivia, M.O.P., and Young Buck was demanding his release from the label over a year ago over money issues. Now, there are rumors of Lloyd Banks soon parting ways with G-Unit.

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