Rick Ross disses Eminem, Again?

6 Sep

Rick RossBefore 2009, Rick Ross was known as nothing more than a Southern rapper. He was known for his association with Slip-N-Slide Records and Terror Squad.

When DJ Khaled was brought into the G-Unit feud in late 2007, 50 Cent began baiting Rick Ross. For the most part, Ross ignored these disses. In late 2008, Lil Wayne unexpectedly dissed 50 Cent and Rick Ross released “Mafia Music” in January 2009.

Since that time, Rick Ross has risen to become on of rap’s most-known and discussed names. He traded disses with 50 Cent throughout the early part of 2009. Ross went as far as to bring in nearly all of 50’s enemies for the “Mafia Music (remix).” By April, Rick Ross admitted to growing bored with the 50 Cent issue.

He set his sites a little higher, deciding to initially challenge Dr. Dre and Eminem. Ross then focused on Eminem, but soon all rumors of a feud between the two fizzled. Eminem went on his way, promoting Relapse and Relapse 2. Ironically, Em currently finds himself in a feud with his ex, Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon.

As Rick Ross is preparing his fourth studio album, he is no longer focused on 50 Cent, instead, he still wants Eminem. He never forgets to give Em his props, but he still wants to go at it with Eminem. In a MTV interview, he dissed Eminem and gave a shout out to Mariah Carey.

A diss record may be in the works.

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