On the Rise: Drake

6 Sep

DrakeDrake is currently one of the hottest hip hop artists out. People seem to forget that his album is not even coming out until sometime next year.

His current radio singles are from his mixtape, So Far Gone, which will be released as an EP on September 15, 2009. His first two singles, “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful” featuring Trey Songz, have paved the way for a long and successful career in hip hop.

Also, it never hurts to have Lil Wayne in your corner. Drake is one of the many artists that record for Young Money Entertainment, run by Wayne. They have placed the right promotion behind the former “Degrassi” star.

Drake is hip hop’s fastest rising star, yes ahead of Kanye West’s Kid Cudi. For the rest of 2009, going into 2010, Drake is the hip hop artists to look out for. He has been summoned by both Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige one year before his debut album is set to be released and he is not associated with either artist.

Drake has had a great start to his career and he has nowhere to go but to continue rising.

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