Is 50 Cent baiting Jay-Z with “Flight 187”?

6 Sep

50 Cent & Jay-ZThroughout his hip hop career, 50 Cent was never one to hold his tongue for any one person in the game. When he was trying to solidify his position in the late 90s, he took on rap’s biggest stars at the time.

Jay-Z, along with DMX and Ja Rule were rap’s figureheads at the time. 50 Cent was able to work through things with Jay-Z and DMX, but he eventually replaced Ja Rule by 2003.

He has worked with Jay-Z numerous times in his career, but people still insist that there is a “hidden” feud going on between the two. Both 50 Cent and Jay-Z rank high in the yearly Hip Hop Cash Kings, but the two appear to be friends.

50 Cent is known for his outrageous comments in various interviews and he has said some things about Jay-Z. But, he always comes back to clear up his comments. Last summer, on the G-Unit album, T.O.S., there was a song that people thought that 50 had mentioned T.I. 50 Cent easily cleared that up when he referred to his past feuds.

Most hip hop fans are thinking the same thing, but insiders say that 50 Cent is definitely trying Jay-Z. The two were expected to do a SoundScan battle on September 11, but 50 was pushed back and Jay-Z was pushed up.

The entire summer, Jay-Z has been receiving disses from 50 Cent nemesis, The Game. Jay-Z has refused to respond on record, saying that his only competition was Nas and Eminem. Has this somehow offended 50?

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