DMX takes Jay-Z feud to a New Level

6 Sep

DMXA few days ago, some footage of DMX was released. It appears that he is working with Tyrese on a collaboration album. A person in the background asked if X and Black Ty were the new Jay-Z and R. Kelly.

It turns out that DMX has issues with both artists. He has been trading jabs with Jay-Z ever since 2006. After Jay’s name is mentioned, X went in on the former CEO of Def Jam.

Former associate of both X and Jay, Ja Rule stated that the two rappers were never friends. He said that behind the scenes they actually hated each other, but they had great chemistry. DMX said that he had no hard feelings towards Jay-Z until he became the CEO of Def Jam.

DMX did compliment Jay-Z, saying that Jay is talented, but he does not have a heart. Among the many thins that X said of his former rap partner, he stressed on that statement. He also said that he lost all respect for Jay-Z when he became the label’s president.

While DMX continued to state how talented Jay-Z was, he said that it was all motivated by money, no heart in it what so ever. Recently, Jay-Z has been bombarded with disses from other rappers, DMX can now be added to this list.

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