Are Lloyd and Irv Gotti Feuding?

6 Sep

Irv Gotti & LloydWhen Lloyd first arrived at Murder Inc., it was a real family. The artists on the label were so tight-knit and the artists were always together. Lloyd’s 2004 debut, Southside, was a success, as was the lead single title track featuring Ashanti.

In 2005, he performed alongside Ja Rule on his hit single, “Caught Up.” It seemed as if nothing could stop Murder Inc. A few months later, the label officially beat all of their charges, but they were dropped from Def Jam.

After being dropped from Def Jam, Lloyd demanded independence from the label. In 2007, he released his successful sophomore album, led by the Lil Wayne-assisted, “You.” The song was a hit and it looked as if everything was right, again.

While working on his third album, Lessons in Love, Lloyd asked to be independent from Irv Gotti and his team of producers. Filming his show, “Gotti’s Way,” Irv obliged. The result was great after Lloyd released another hit with “Girls Around the World.”

Now, with no album in the works, Lloyd announced that he was officially off of Murder Inc. He said that his reasons for leaving were because he had no creative freedom and was forced to work on the album entirely by himself. Days later, Irv Gotti responded by pointing out the contradiction in his press-release. Gotti also stated that Lloyd was still on the label.

Newz, a new Murder Inc. artist told SOHH that everyone was still on the roster as they are preparing to sign new contracts with a major-label. Just this past Friday, Lloyd had some choice words for Gotti and stated that he was no longer on the label.

Initially when Lloyd said that he was off of the Murder Inc. label, he said that he still maintains friendships with the artists of the label. Here, recently, he said that he knows when to seperate business and friendship. So, are the former collaborators feuding?

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